SpaceX Postpones Its Dragon Cargo Launch By 24 Hours

Elon Musk’s, SpaceX has postponed the liftoff of its Dragon Cargo mission for NASA which was scheduled for this week. The company has postponed the launch by 24 hours, with launch now targeted for May 1. As per both SpaceX and NASA, the unmanned Dragon resupply ship will now liftoff to the ISS on May 1 at 3:59 a.m. EDT. The launch will take place from the Space Launch Complex 40 sited at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The company has already tested Falcon 9 rocket which will liftoff the mission on April 27.

According to the SpaceX’s representatives, the static fire test of Falcon 9 has been done and now they are aiming for May 1 liftoff from Pad 40, located in Florida and it is going to be the Dragon’s seventeenth mission to the International Space Station. The one-day liftoff slip trails a four-day postponement of the mission. The mission was initially slated for April 26. According to both NASA and SpaceX, the delay is because of the orbital and station mechanics constraints.  SpaceX spokesperson stated that the company would use those four additional days for the Falcon 9 static fire test and for the vehicle checks. Before every launch, SpaceX does a round of static fire tests and this has become a standard test for the company. The forthcoming Dragon cargo mission will be the company’s 17th carriage flight for NASA. The spacecraft will carry more than 2,495 kilograms of experiment hardware, fresh supplies and additional gear for the astronauts of Expedition 59 which are at present on the International Space Station. The company also has an agreement to send astronauts to the space station by using its new Crew Dragon spacecraft for NASA. The Crew Dragon has already completed its first uncrewed mission in March.


Seasonal Distortions Increase Initial Jobless Claims in April

The jobless claims show a slight increase in April.

With the Easter holiday, jobless claim benefits stand at 230,000 reports the Labor Department, which is a three-month high. Economists had expected it to touch 215,000 for the week ended April 27. However, the seasonal distortion has inflated data.

With Easter falling on April 21 in 2019, it has brought a distortion in the jobless claim. Additionally, it is a spring break, where school workers and cafeteria workers do not get paid for the week and can claim benefits. There was a surge in the claim by 37,000 in the week prior to April 27.

Further, the Stop & Shop supermarket workers were on strike in New England which would have contributed partially to a surge in the claim.

Apart from these disruptions, the labor market remains strong, when compared to data from many decades.

The four-week average has witnessed an increase by 6,500 and rose to 212,500 the previous week. This is a yardstick which is considered as a better measure, as it measures the weekly volatility in the jobless claims.

Viewing this strength in the labor market, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates unchanged on Wednesday. Despite pressure to cut interest rates, the improvement in the labor market has encouraged the Fed to hold on to current interest rates. If the strength continues in the economy, there are chances of a hike in rates towards the end of 2019.

The Federal Open Market Committee has stated that economic activity had seen a slowdown in the first quarter of 2019 but has picked up in the second quarter. Inflation is below the 2 percent target.

With low unemployment data, strong hiring and increasing wages, the U.S. economy continues to move in a positive direction. Though some sectors such as manufacturing are still showing soft growth, there is an overall positive outlook in the economy.


Let’s Help Children Unite With Their Mothers This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not a day every parent gets to rejoice as there are some who due to financial constraints are forced to leave their children at children’s home. These children are currently being focused on by the non-profit organization Miracle Foundation India that has collaborated with the gifting dais Zoomin as they wholeheartedly want these children to meet their parents on this very special Mother’s Day. With the help of the Mother’s Day campaign, the Foundation hopes to back house mothers having their children live in the children homes. The campaign hopes to provide a clean and peaceful environment for children to live with their moms happily. The transitioning into the biological families would be a long dream that the children must be waiting to be fulfilled in each passing day.

This year the Mother’s Day falls on May 12. And the campaign has decided this year to use the raised funds in counseling and preparing the biological mothers of these children to joyfully welcome their kids back home. Since the year of commencement, the Foundation encourages the donors to make a huge donation in honor of their mothers. In 2019, the Mother’s Day campaign focuses on educating the biological mothers and housemothers to understand their children’s needs, firstly in the children’s homes and secondly when transitioned back to their respective families. In order to help facilitate this work, the group plans to carry out high capacity infrastructure for training and counseling sessions’ conductance in order to help children and mothers to be prepared for the change.

Miracle Foundation India is all ready to be poured with donor gifts facilitated by Zoomin wherein the donors will be permitted to customize and distribute with their laureate on Mother’s Day. The donors have the option of claiming their gifts within the next 24 Hours of making a donation through free vouchers that was shared by the Miracle Foundation in support of Zoomin. The printed card designs made by children under the guidance of Miracle Foundation India will be sold by Zoomin and the earnings made through it will be given to assist the reason behind Miracle Foundation India’s Mother’s Day campaign.


Kraft Unveils A Unique Offer For Moms To Celebrate Mother’s Day

With the Mother’s Day coming close this Sunday, almost all family members are busy scrambling to choose the perfect gift for their mother. We all know that a mother is the first woman in everyone’s life who has played the most important role in their lives. Putting aside the regular gift options such as chocolates and flowers, Kraft has come up with the novel idea to assist you to give mom what she really needs, a night off.

The food producing firm has offered to pay for the charges of a babysitter on Mother’s Day. The firm has named this promotion as “Mother’s Day Away.” In a press release, Sergio Eleuterio, Head, Marketing, Kraft, said that although this is the day to celebrate Mom in all of her greatness, we all know that the holiday doesn’t stop the challenges of motherhood including sleepless nights, temper tantrums, and picky eaters. He added that with Kraft “Mother’s Day Away,” the firm plans to offer moms across the U.S. an opportunity to have what they really need: some “me” time.

As per the rules mentioned by the firm, once the babysitter is provided with her charges, what moms will have to do is visit the company website at and submit their babysitter bills for the holiday. The firm stated that this offer is valid till May 19, 2019 midnight. The firm added that this offer will cover the bill of up to $100 per person or household, and it is limited to $50,000 in total. The only condition to avail this offer is the individual should be resident of the U.S., its territories, and military addresses. The firm also published a cheeky video regarding the promotion this week. In this video, a mom is speaking to the camera. She is telling about what she really wishes to have for the holiday.


Scandinavian Airline Cancels Another 1,200 Flights

Scandinavian airline SAS has stopped its more than 1,200 flights which were slated for Monday and Tuesday due to a pilot strike that has disturbed hundreds of thousands of passengers’ travel plans and the strike still continues. Scandinavian airline pilots have started the strike on Friday and it is because of the salary discussions broke down and this has grounded almost 70 percent of the company’s flights and has impacted around 280,000 passengers which include the recent cancellations number as well.

As per the statement from the airline, the company is intensely regretted about the customers that are impacted by the continuing pilot strike. The company added that the strike will impact an added 61,000 travelers on Monday due to the cancellation of 667 flights across Scandinavia, whereas on Tuesday almost 49,000 passengers will be impacted because of 546 canceled flights. The block in the disagreement indicates no sign of being cracked early on Sunday with both the company’s Danish and Swedish pilots unions and as per Norway’s employer association, no improved exchanges among the parties had been started.

The carrier has formed after World War 2, which is partly possessed by the Danish and Swedish governments. The company has stated that it was set to come back to discussions but it has cautioned that agreeing to the Flyers’ demands would extremely harm the company. The airline industry’s employer body in Sweden stated that the pilots required a 13 percent salary hike in spite of what it called previously high average pays of about $9,777 a month, demands it categorized as extreme. The Scandinavian airline Pilot Group which is a merger body represents 95 percent of the company’s pilots in Norway, Sweden and Denmark have stated that the disagreement fears more than pays, aiming to loads for more foreseeable working hours. Having played with liquidation in 2012, the Scandinavian airline has tracked a net profit in each of the past four years. But increasing fuel prices, overcapacity, and volatile currencies among European airlines have put weights on transporters, including SAS.


Apple Chipmaker AMS To Serve Android Phones As Well, Shares Soar By 20%

The share prices of chipmaker for Apple, AMS, has increased by 20%. The share prices rose on the morning of this Tuesday. AMS is an Austrian team. The company has an upbeat outlook. In the 2nd quarter of the year, AMS witnessed a rise in demand in the 3D optical sensors. These sensors were used in the smartphones with Android operating systems.

Apple has a face recognition feature. The supplier of medicine his technology is AMS. Now the company is expecting to lessen its dependency on Apple for its business. The company made this decision after the iPhone demand went down. This compelled AMS to suspend the dividend pay in the month of February.

AMS is a company from Switzerland. They are now selling the 3D face recognition technology to Android smartphones. After this deal, there has been a considerable rise in the sale of Android smartphones which are equipped with 3D technology. The company is expecting more and more smartphones on Android to use the technology in 2019.

AMS found its revenue of 1st quarter at $390.2 million. This is a plunge from its revenue of the last quarter of 2018. The adjusted EBIT (Earnings before Interest & Tax) comes around $23.5 million.

AMS now expects that its revenue will reach to $390- 430 millions in the second quarter of the year. The company is also expecting its operating margin climbs from 6% of 1st quarter to 10% of the 2nd quarter. The Swiss company has just released its earnings report. It commented in it that, the smartphone market has stabilized; it is no longer prone to seasonal fluctuations.

The company also informed that they have created several new designs and thus they are hoping that their business in the market of Android smartphones will grow in the upcoming quarters.


Baking Soda May Work Wonders For Rheumetoid Arthritis

A new study states that baking soda might prevent arthritis. This is a popular product across the world. From house cleaning goods to taking care of dental issues, baking soda has multiple uses. The list expands as doctors state that it may get even be a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, in short, RA.

Balance pH levels in the body ensure sound health. If the surrounding environment is highly alkaline or acidic, it can lead to different types of health issues. According to experts, baking soda has the potential to alkalize an extremely acidic environment or body. Most of the naturopaths, holistic doctors, dietitians, health coaches and nutritionists state an alkaline environment is better than an acidic body.

A report was published in the month of April of 2018. According to this article in the Journal of Immunology, when baking soda is mixed with water and consumed, it might help to keep inflammatory conditions at bay. The study was led by Paul O’ Connor. He is a Ph.D. and an assistant professor and director in the department of physiology graduate program. He is engaged with the Augusta University of Georgia.

Connor used baking soda for couple of studies. These research included health individuals and mice. The doctor also included 6 human controls in the tests.

The participants were asked to drink baking soda mixed in water for 2 consecutive weeks. After this timespan, it was seen that the macrophages, which are a type of immune cells, have altered their jobs. The macrophages have started reducing the inflammation in the body instead of boosting inflammation. Baking soda worked as a stimulant for the anti-inflammatory property of the macrophages. Dr. Connor thinks that this anti-inflammatory functionality of baking soda can be used to combat rheumatoid arthritis. Baking soda is also called as sodium bicarbonate.


WeWork Files Documentation For US Listing

New York-based WeWork, the provider of a shared office, which started its journey in the year 2010,has filed the paperwork for listing its shares on United States Stock Market. The company has its branches in London alongside New York along with several other cities around the globe and is already the largest provider of private office space in those two cities on either side of the Atlantic.

The firm comes up with shared space for running the office to various companies. This allows its clients to shrink as well as grow their desks in terms of numbers for a specific period, as needed. However, the company is yet to see a profit, with the losses incurred in 2018 doubling to $1.9 billion.

The business model that it follows is mainly based on the arrangement of short-term revenues as well as long-term liabilities.

However, the rating agencies have accredited the company with risky scores, as it had to borrow in order to expand its funds. This is in spite of the fact that the company operates in over 600 cities all around the world.

However, the business model that WeWork follows has a lot of flexibility and this has been popular with the smaller companies as well as their employees, who like this contemporary collaborative ambiance of the shared office. Even the comparatively bigger employers are also in love with this new concept, as they do not have to opt for long-term leases on expansive, tailor-made office complexes or buildings.

The Company has confidentially filed registration for public stock market listing in the month of December.  This will enable the company to commence its listing process before they come up with key information regarding their financial status. The firm, however, has not provided any info regarding the amount of money it is planning to get.


Speech Can Be Directly Pull From The Brain, Scientist Finds

As per the sources, the possibility of talking for people may be eventually unlock by a feat with numerous medical conditions, the speech of healthy topics have been successfully re-formed by scientists by tapping straight into their brains. Even though the technology is far, far away from practical application, but the promise is there and the science is real. Co-author of the paper, Edward Chang, who is also a neurosurgeon from San Francisco printed recently in Nature and explained the impact of work done by the team in a press conference: entire spoken sentences can be generated based on brain activity of any individual, have been demonstrated by the study, for the first time ever.

According to him, this is an exhilarating proof of principle that with the help of this technology, which is already under reach, we will be able to create a device, clinically feasible in patients with loss of speech. To be precisely clear, this is not some kind of magic that you sit down and it interprets your thoughts into language. It is an invasive and complex process that decodes not precisely the thinking subject but what was actually being spoken by them.

The experiment was led by Gopala Anumanchipalli, Speech scientists involved subjects who had previously had big electrode arrays entrenched inside their brains for a unlike medical process. The scientist had these lucky individuals read out numerous hundred verdicts loudly while electrodes sensed the recording of the signals carefully. By analyzing the audio directly allowed the team to determine which movements and muscles would be involved when, and from this a kind of virtual model of the vocal system of a person is built by them. Then the brain activity was mapped by them which was detected through the conference to that virtual model. They say, it is reading of the brain and not the mind reading.


While In Hunt For Dark Matter, Rarest Event Has Been Seen By Scientists

Reportedly, an extreme rare particle physics occasion has been observed by scientists with the help of a detector, which is chasing for dark matter that is the mysterious material, which physicists have yet to perceive. According to scientists along with the XENON Collaboration said that, the radioactive decay of a substance called xenon-124, xenon’s isotope had been observed by them, which is an odorless and colorless noble gas found in minute quantities in the atmosphere. Scientists have been eluded for decades by the event named a “2-neutrino double electron arrest”.

The research was recently published in the Nature journal. Ethan Brown, co-author of the study and a professor of physics said that, this event is occurred when 2 protons present inside a nucleus are converted simultaneously into neurons by the preoccupation of 2 electrons from one of the nuclear shells and the release of 2 electron neutrinos. After this, a predictable cascade is shoot out by the event, of Auger electrons and X-rays, looked by scientists using an ultra-sensitive sensor, buried nearly five-thousand feet underneath Gran Sasso mountain of Italy where it is protected from cosmic emissions.

Ethan Brown told Newsweek that, it has been shown by us that the rarest events ever recorded can be observed by us. An isotope previously thought to be totally steady has now been exposed to deterioration on an unbelievably extended timescale is the key finding. Half-life of xenon-124 has been estimated by the team and that is found to be eighteen sextillion years, which is 18,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years that 1 trillion more than the age of our universe, rendering to team. It was written by the team in a statement that it is the lowest process that has ever been measured directly. Brown told that, this is really amazing to witness this event, this oddest thing ever verified can be measured by our detector.