AI-Powered AutoDelivery Robots Will Be Introduced By Brain Corp

Instead of hiring workers for loading and shifting heavy boxes, packages, and bags, the majority of the businesses are now being preferring installation robots that will uncomplainingly perform such tasks easily. Brain Corp startup was established in San Diego, which has been based on developing a prototype autonomous delivery robot that is designed to perform efficiently in regions such as warehouses, retail stores, and several industries.

Brain Corp will show a formal debut of its AutoDelivery concept at the ProMat Show 2019, which is going to be held in Chicago. Along with this, the startup claims that several important devices integrated into the robot such as high-resolution cameras, better network connectivity, and routing algorithms that will aid the robot to remember the whole pathway around a store easily and quickly. The functioning features of the robot will be managed by Brain Corp’s own operating system, BrainOS.

Even though the commercial launch of the fully featured robot is not been scheduled before early 2020, it has already been gathering potential manufacturing support from different robotic-based industries.

Dr. Eugene Izhikevich, CEO of Brain Corp., told VentureBeat that the BrainOS is customized according to the requirements of associates who have installed robotic-technology to operate airports, fulfillment centers, airports, and other places. The robotic-learning feature helps the machines to manage and efficiently perform tasks based on manual operations.

During the ending phase of the last year, Brain Corp. revealed that it had been collaborating with Walmart to integrate AI services in the retailer’s stores. The AI-service integrated robots to be launched in the U.S.-based Walmart stores include floor scrubbers. The startup has further expanded its business, after announcing a joint venture with Copenhagen-based Nilfisk, which will authorize BrainOS to launch its range of allied self-directed cleaning solutions.

The startup was founded in the Year 2009, which has been expanding at a pace and currently managing the staff of over 200 people. Last year, Qualcomm Ventures and SoftBank’s Vision Fund invested $114 Million in Brain Corp.

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