Amazon Purchasing Eero Was Not The Startup Success Story

When Amazon purchased Eero (mesh Wi-Fi router firm), our first responses were of consternation, exhaustion, and concern: why could not a small firm with an outstanding privacy-minded device be left to its own products, rather than getting snapped up by the huge data behemoth from Seattle?

Now, we know the reason. Media claims that Amazon paid only $97 Million for Eero, far less as compared to the $148 Million it allegedly lifted as a startup. That is something you do not do unless your firm is in problem, and it indicates that Amazon might have in fact saved Eero from a diverse fate.

The media can verify that $97 Million figure as well as many of the others in reporters’ story. The media has seen similar papers, and they think they are the real deal. Eero refused to answer to media questions.

There are many possible side impacts to Amazon buying Eero in a fire sale instead of at a profit, and media report tells about some of them, such as how Eero’s officials are making out similar to bandits with golden parachutes worth multi-million dollar, while rank-and-file workers are now residing on worthless stock choices—or worse, shares they brought for $3 that are now have the value of just $0.03 each. That is not strange, but it is a warning story about how stock choices operate.

Speaking of Amazon, Amazon Studios has declared that it has inked on Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan (Westworld creators) and their firm Kilter Films for a general agreement to produce original series for Amazon Prime Video. The agreement comes on a current project the pair is designing for the studio dubbed as The Peripheral. That project is based on a novel from William Gibson by the same name, which is set among a distant future in London and rural near-future country after an apocalypse.

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