Apple Music Is The Newest Service To Cut Costs In India

Apple Music has cut down its costs in India, after price slashes by Gaana and JioSaavn (local streaming services). Apple Music is now being provided for Rs 99 ($1.43) for every month, down from Rs 120 ($1.73) for every month.

While many outlets are informing that the price slash is in direct answer to YouTube Music and Spotify’s latest roll out in India, this is only fraction of the story. There are various India-based streaming services that are very popular inside the nation, such as Gaana and JioSaavn. These firms are already settled and have millions of consumers. Gaana, specifically, counts 80 Million consumers, which is almost half of the country’s active music streaming industry.

More than 2 weeks back, JioSaavn silently launched a promotion that lowered its cost, reducing its yearly cost from Rs 999 ($14.44) to Rs 299 ($4.32). Most of them missed it since the firm only touted the deal to a fraction of its consumer base. In return, Gaana conducted its own deal to match JioSaavn, slashing its yearly fee from Rs 1,098 ($15.87) to Rs 299 ($4.32). Both firms left the costing for monthly subscriptions unaltered at Rs 99 rupees.

Speaking of Apple, in Oregon, 2 Chinese engineering students supposedly scammed Apple form thousands of dollars in iPhone replacements and are now encountering criminal allegations in federal court, as per media reports. Authorities blame that the students pulled off a convoluted plan so as to wring the firm of the cash by employing counterfeit gadgets and using return policy of Apple.

Starting from 2017, the two students supposedly smuggled number of counterfeit devices from China into the US and then sent them to Apple for repairing or replacing, stating the knockoffs would not turn on. In many situations, Apple did restore the fake devices with actual iPhones, which cost the firm an expected $895,800.

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