Baking Soda May Work Wonders For Rheumetoid Arthritis

A new study states that baking soda might prevent arthritis. This is a popular product across the world. From house cleaning goods to taking care of dental issues, baking soda has multiple uses. The list expands as doctors state that it may get even be a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, in short, RA.

Balance pH levels in the body ensure sound health. If the surrounding environment is highly alkaline or acidic, it can lead to different types of health issues. According to experts, baking soda has the potential to alkalize an extremely acidic environment or body. Most of the naturopaths, holistic doctors, dietitians, health coaches and nutritionists state an alkaline environment is better than an acidic body.

A report was published in the month of April of 2018. According to this article in the Journal of Immunology, when baking soda is mixed with water and consumed, it might help to keep inflammatory conditions at bay. The study was led by Paul O’ Connor. He is a Ph.D. and an assistant professor and director in the department of physiology graduate program. He is engaged with the Augusta University of Georgia.

Connor used baking soda for couple of studies. These research included health individuals and mice. The doctor also included 6 human controls in the tests.

The participants were asked to drink baking soda mixed in water for 2 consecutive weeks. After this timespan, it was seen that the macrophages, which are a type of immune cells, have altered their jobs. The macrophages have started reducing the inflammation in the body instead of boosting inflammation. Baking soda worked as a stimulant for the anti-inflammatory property of the macrophages. Dr. Connor thinks that this anti-inflammatory functionality of baking soda can be used to combat rheumatoid arthritis. Baking soda is also called as sodium bicarbonate.

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