Congress Unable To Find Solution To Social Media Problems

Congress fails to find a common ground on any issues and even when it does, like it did on issue of regulating the tech firms, it has unable to find any concrete steps to address the issue.

After 6 hours of discussion and House hearing, where it heard the victims, lawyers and policy makers at FB, Google and Twitter, they were unable to reach any conclusion nor did they have any roadmap to move further.

In the light that several goof ups by these tech firms led to data breach of millions on Facebook that revealed sensitive data including their personal details such as social security, passport details, address and more. Even with the gruesome incidences like those of Kentucky church attack and the massacre at Pittsburgh synagogue, nothing has been resolved!

At Capitol Hill, it was all just another routine hearing by the Senate to determine the role of internet in spreading hatred where a white extremist shot dead 50 people in 2 mosques and shared the livestreaming of the same on FB, YouTube and Twitter, while it was too late for the companies to react.

Instead of serious hearings on such a sensitive issue, what was found was that witnesses and lawmakers spoke over each other, which left the entire hearing nothing sort of bickering.

The lawmakers across the globe are struggling to find a solution. While plans are underway in the UK for regulations that will regulate the internet and even come up with penalties and jail term for tech executives that do not deal with terrorist posts and spread of false information. The EU already has privacy law in place.

In US too, Honest Ads Act and Data Care Act are present to govern the ad rules online for political parties and for safeguarding people’s privacy, but we are yet to see shaping up of serious, meaningful reforms.

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