FB Uses Click Gap, A Tool Similar To Google’s Page Rank To Fake News

In its ongoing efforts to clean up its public face and regain lost reputations among social media sites Facebook is carrying out a major clean up act and installing several features that will act as checks and balances to protect it against issues like fake news and fake users. It has undertaken several measures to do this like starting a collaborative process with external experts to develop new ways for fighting fake news and cutting down reach of groups that share misinformation.

It announced that a new approach called Click Gap will reduce the quantity of spurious content on its patents like fake news which sometimes come up on its News Feeds. This tool will crawl across each page of Facebook and will index its entire database to identify pages that receive very little traffic from their networks. Over a period of time it will start reducing the prominence of posts from these pages in its feeds.

This idea is based on the premise that if a particular website is focusing on Facebook to bring viewers to its main page and is not getting any assistance from websites like Google, Bing or say Yahoo it proves that the website has low quality content. This approach is similar to the one launched by Google called PageRank which had an algorithm for ranking pages and was used by the search engine during launch in 1998. During that time PageRank used to take into consideration the number of sites and their quality that would be linked to a website to determine how it could be ranked in its searches. Facebook is using a similar copycat tool called Click-Gap that will rank pages and will filter the low quality results into last pages of its News Feed thereby reducing users that will see those posts.

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