Gamut Of Investigation Airbag Failure Expanded To Include 12.3mn Vehicles

The safety regulators of US auto have expanded their investigation into the airbag controls which are malfunctioning to include vehicles of 12.3 million as the bags do not inflate when the vehicle crashes. It could be responsible for eight deaths.

The vehicles produced by brand like Honda, Toyota, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, and Mitsubishi from 2010 – 2019 would be included in the investigation revealed on Tuesday through documents by NHTSA. The investigation involves units of airbag control produced by ZF-TRW installed in vehicles. As per the documents of NHTSA, the units could fail in crash because of unnecessary electric signals made by crash itself. This can disable the circuit of airbag control in the compartment of passenger. The signals could damage the circuit of control said the documents.

The German producer of auto parts ZF that acquired in 2015 TRW Automotive said that the company is committed to safety. It also added that the company would cooperate with the automakers and NHTSA in investigation. Airbag control unit is one of the problems that the industry’s auto airbags which include deadly and faulty inflators of airbags. 24 people have died worldwide and 200 people have been injured due to inflators that explode with much force and throw shrapnel into passenger cabin. In the history of US, the inflators were the reasons for most of the auto recalls, which involved 70 million inflators that would be recalled by next year. Worldwide 100 million inflators would be recalled.

NHTSA upgraded investigation of ZF-TRW on April 19 from preliminary probe to engineering analysis. Only Fiat, Kia and Hyundai have recalled cars in this case. Around four people have died due to this problem in Hyundai-Kia cars and three in vehicles of Fiat. NHTSA is investigating TRW parts of Kia and Hyundai in M arch 2017.

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