Google’s Official Website Just Verified The Pixel 3a

In two weeks for the second time, Google’s website has apparently verified the name of a new device—in this situation, the long-speculated forthcoming “lite” edition of the firm’s Pixel 3. It seems like the new device will formally be dubbed as the “Pixel 3a,” as per images captured from the Google Store page.

While the firm has already removed the page displaying the “new” handset, the damage seems to be done. Actually, media reports that the site also showed references to the earlier-leaked Nest Hub as well as Nest Hub Max, before it was removed. Neither a novel “Pixel Compare” page, nor the real Pixel 3a device page, were live as of when the media verified, so this leak has only actually verified the name of the handset for the time being.

That claimed, the name was almost the only info about these handsets that required any kind of official verification—previously, a Redditor revealed a trove of info from the own Play Console of Google sporting almost the complete specs of the 2 new handsets, dubbed as “sargo” and “bonito.” They are possibly to arrive in 6.0-inch and 5.6-inch sizes, with Snapdragon 670 processors, 1080p OLED screens, and 12 MP rear cameras.

Speaking of Google, being capable of reporting incidents on the streets, such as accidents and traffic jams, has been a staple of Google-controlled Waze for a long time, but it is just in 2018 made its way into the main app of Google Maps, one functionality at a time.

Now, as per media reports, incident reporting has been upgraded in the newest edition of the Android application to add traffic slowdown alternatives. Before, you were capable of reporting police checkpoints, crashes, and speed cameras, but there was no alternative for other users to see for manually adding a traffic jam.

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