IBM’s Revenue Slips For The 3rd Consecutive, Stock Slides Year

According to analysts, IBM once again has suffered a slip in revenue, which is a total of 5%. Back in 2017, IBM had registered a continuous fall in revenue for 22 times. Contrary to analysts who had predicted a value of $13.91 per share, IBM had registered it as $13.90.

During Q1 report, a spokesperson of IBM stated that the company had given up mortgage-servicing operation to Mr. Cooper Group. At present, the company has told the reporters that it would provide fund to IT companies.

At present, IBM doesn’t own Cloud Platforms or Technological Services. On the contrary, the company is only left with Global Technology and Cognitive Software. The present asset of IBM viz. cognitive software is worth $5.04 billion, which is down by 1.5%. Another segment of IBM viz. Global Business has a total revenue of $4.12 billion, and it records no rise or fall.

Contrary to this, the System was at a loss of 11%, by generating $1.33 billion as revenue. During one of the press conferences, one of the spokesperson of IBM stated that overall growth of Systems got hindered due to product cycle of IBM Z.

Back in 2018, IBM acquired 50% of its revenue through strategic imperatives. At that time, IBM had also reported that it has acquired $11.7 billion as a revenue rate on a yearly basis. Since the beginning of the present year, IBM has registered a hike of 28% in its stock.

At present, IBM had acquired Red Hat at a staggering $34 billion. During a press conference, Jeffery Kvaal said that IBM is gaining over RHT by acquiring every other customer. Mr. Kvaal also said that with the help of Red Hat, IBM would acquire many customers and many other corporate projects in the upcoming future. He said that this would take place since many organizations have started to handle projects critical software issues to private firms.

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