Let’s Help Children Unite With Their Mothers This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is not a day every parent gets to rejoice as there are some who due to financial constraints are forced to leave their children at children’s home. These children are currently being focused on by the non-profit organization Miracle Foundation India that has collaborated with the gifting dais Zoomin as they wholeheartedly want these children to meet their parents on this very special Mother’s Day. With the help of the Mother’s Day campaign, the Foundation hopes to back house mothers having their children live in the children homes. The campaign hopes to provide a clean and peaceful environment for children to live with their moms happily. The transitioning into the biological families would be a long dream that the children must be waiting to be fulfilled in each passing day.

This year the Mother’s Day falls on May 12. And the campaign has decided this year to use the raised funds in counseling and preparing the biological mothers of these children to joyfully welcome their kids back home. Since the year of commencement, the Foundation encourages the donors to make a huge donation in honor of their mothers. In 2019, the Mother’s Day campaign focuses on educating the biological mothers and housemothers to understand their children’s needs, firstly in the children’s homes and secondly when transitioned back to their respective families. In order to help facilitate this work, the group plans to carry out high capacity infrastructure for training and counseling sessions’ conductance in order to help children and mothers to be prepared for the change.

Miracle Foundation India is all ready to be poured with donor gifts facilitated by Zoomin wherein the donors will be permitted to customize and distribute with their laureate on Mother’s Day. The donors have the option of claiming their gifts within the next 24 Hours of making a donation through free vouchers that was shared by the Miracle Foundation in support of Zoomin. The printed card designs made by children under the guidance of Miracle Foundation India will be sold by Zoomin and the earnings made through it will be given to assist the reason behind Miracle Foundation India’s Mother’s Day campaign.

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