Sacklers Seek Global Settlement In Opioid Case

Mary Jo White from Debevoise & Plimpton is representing four of the members of Sacklers family. The family is controlling Purdue Pharma that marketed and developed OxyContin the painkiller.

Purdue and other makers of opioid, distributors and wholesalers is facing 2,000 suits by the officials of city, state and county who are stating that prescription opiates is the reason behind the drug abuse epidemic. On Sacklers behalf, White said why the Sacklers believe that the litigation against their company is dubious legally and factually, and is politically motivated and misleading. White also added that Sacklers are not interested in litigating the cases to a bad end. She said the family wants to settle. The former US Attorney and SEC chairman, White said that the aim is to try and get a resolution globally. She added that the members of Sackler family and Purdue would want to resolve with plaintiffs in such a way so as to get monies to communities who are in  need of them, to people who are addicted, rather than pay the fees of attorneys for many years in future.

The co-lead counsel, Joe Rice from Motley Rice said the family has never before said that it is wishing to settle globally the litigation. He added that White has made it now public that the family wants to settle. He said that the main issue is who these people are and for what will they settle and what the consideration is.

White said that settling 2,000 cases won’t be that easy. White added that in these matters the municipalities, counties, and state AGs are involved. Getting the plaintiffs in resolution globally is difficult, she said. White is not representing all the members of Sacklers in the litigation. But a representative said that the whole family is sharing White’s viewpoint.

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