“Smart Home” System Developed By Russian Students And Scientists

Now the South Ural State (National Research) University (SUSU), within the outline of the Fourth Indus trial Revolution technology, is employing an array of potential student assignments, with among them being a smart grid-based energy-competent system, “smart home,” as per the press service reports of the University. The smart home is a pioneering sort of housing distinguished not only by the efficient energy consumption (comprising heating, water, and electricity) but also by being well-outlined taking aesthetics and a contented landscape & interior design into consideration.

Professor Yevgeny Solomin stated, “The smart home system comprises a broad array of parts: renewable energy resource-based power producing constituents, such as solar and wind power stations; energy-saving tools, such as sockets, LED lighting, & smart meters; and other devices comprising home component remotes and smartphones, and also software.”

Project-based tutoring at SUSU is rooted in an interdisciplinary strategy: to employ a project, a group of students from diverse initiatives, with varying levels of teaching, is created. Initially, there was a sum of 5 master’s degree students taking part in the fabrication of “smart home” system parts. In the timeframe of 6 Months, the digit of contributors has elevated to 17. “This project is forward-looking and promising; it’s in immense demand commercially and also is of importance to any gender, age, or level of teaching, as improvements on the devices and power supply can be implemented in the homes of participants,” mentioned Sergei Vaulin of SUSU.

On a similar note, the researchers and students of SUSU are now also functioning on other smart-tech associated projects comprising a mobile power producing complex-based power supply system, a smart courtyard that presents a parking lot provided with car detection sensors, a flywheel energy storage-based smart battery, a smart speed bump-based power producing system, and a courtyard surveillance system.

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