Speech Can Be Directly Pull From The Brain, Scientist Finds

As per the sources, the possibility of talking for people may be eventually unlock by a feat with numerous medical conditions, the speech of healthy topics have been successfully re-formed by scientists by tapping straight into their brains. Even though the technology is far, far away from practical application, but the promise is there and the science is real. Co-author of the paper, Edward Chang, who is also a neurosurgeon from San Francisco printed recently in Nature and explained the impact of work done by the team in a press conference: entire spoken sentences can be generated based on brain activity of any individual, have been demonstrated by the study, for the first time ever.

According to him, this is an exhilarating proof of principle that with the help of this technology, which is already under reach, we will be able to create a device, clinically feasible in patients with loss of speech. To be precisely clear, this is not some kind of magic that you sit down and it interprets your thoughts into language. It is an invasive and complex process that decodes not precisely the thinking subject but what was actually being spoken by them.

The experiment was led by Gopala Anumanchipalli, Speech scientists involved subjects who had previously had big electrode arrays entrenched inside their brains for a unlike medical process. The scientist had these lucky individuals read out numerous hundred verdicts loudly while electrodes sensed the recording of the signals carefully. By analyzing the audio directly allowed the team to determine which movements and muscles would be involved when, and from this a kind of virtual model of the vocal system of a person is built by them. Then the brain activity was mapped by them which was detected through the conference to that virtual model. They say, it is reading of the brain and not the mind reading.

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