Study—Regular Cannabis User Need Double Sedation Dose For Medical Procedures

People who use cannabis on a regular basis may require twice the ordinary level of medicine needed for sedation in medical procedures, as compared to the amount required by those who do not use cannabis. These findings have been reported by a study conducted on small-scale basis. Midazolam, fentanyl and propofol are the 3 sedation drugs that are commonly used in endoscopic procedures. These same drugs were used for comparison purposes in this research.

There has been a sustained increase in the usage as well as legalization of cannabis. According to the study authors, in such a situation, the sedation and anesthesia field requires further studies to be conducted in greater depth. This opinion was published on Monday in American Osteopathic Association’s journal.

Marijuana has become immensely popular throughout the world in recent times, partially due to updating of laws. In the years 2007-2015, marijuana usage increased in the U.S. by nearly 43%, where approximately 13.5% of the adults indulge in using cannabis, as per a report by the United Nations. Currently, the use of cannabis all around the globe has been estimated to comprise 183 million individuals, or approximately 4% of entire adult population, back in 2015.

Medical researchers working at Grand Junction, Colorado’s Community Hospital, studied a small area regarding medical care, that is, sedation. They tested medical records from nearly 250 patients, having undergone endoscopic procedures in the time period of January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2017. This time span was years after legalization of recreational marijuana by the state back in 2012.

On the comparison of users of cannabis to those not using it, researchers discovered that patients reportedly smoking or ingesting the substance on a weekly or daily basis needed 14% more of fentanyl, 220% more of propofol and 20% more of midazolam for achieving optimum sedation during routine medical procedures, such as colonoscopies. For instance, on an average, 13.83 milligrams propofol was needed for 225 non-consumers to go into the unconscious state. In comparison, 44.81 milligrams was required, on an average, by just 25 users of cannabis.

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