Top Auto Brass Under Stress Of Declining Auto Sales

The New York International Auto Show is supposed to be held this week. Almost 2 dozen new crossovers, cars, trucks and concept automobiles will be showcased at this show. These new set of vehicles are expected to boost the US car market. The show will run till April 28, 2019.

Amidst all these hopes and big promotions at the automobile show, the experts are still concerned about the US automobile market. Steve Rich, who is the Vice President for automobile supplier Autoneum informed that 2019 car market might be stagnant for America. The automobile market was quite disappointing for the US economy in January and February. The automobile experts tried to blame the bad weather conditions across the country for this slow down. Even in March the demand for car was down by 4%. General Motors and Toyota even could not gain much from the US market. Just 4 automobile companies witnessed increase in car sales in the 1st three months of 2019.

Amidst these frustrating economic conditions, the car manufacturers are still hopeful. Reid Bigland, who is the director for sales in United States for Fiat Chrysler, commented that 1st quarter was tough for the brand. He stated that they are hoping that the car sales will increase in spring. This season generally witnesses maximum number of car sales.

The optimist car manufacturers state that after the recession period of 2007-2008, there was slight slow down in the market of car sales in 2017; the sale percentage reduced by 2% in this year. Last year the US car market saw increase in car sales by 17.27 millions. On the other hand, many feel that this hike in car sales in 2018 was a fluke. Joe Philips, who is heading the AutoTrends Consulting states that a downturn in the car sales is not surprising.

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