U.S. Political Power Is Restricting Huawei To Expand Its 5G-Tech Globally

Last week, the U.N. internet and telecoms agency’s head stated that the concerns raised by the Trump’s Administration against the global leading 5G network technology developer Huawei appear to be influenced by politics rather than any relevant evidence.

The secretary-general of ITU (International Telecommunication Union), Houlin Zhao told that for sure, privacy wouldn’t be violated by the introduction of 5G-technology, but so far, not even single valid evidence has yet been identified to verify the claims about Huawei.

The U.S. has advised its allies to bar Huawei from launching 5G networks, mentioning it could act as a surveillance tool. Huawei disagreed to the allegations raised by the U.S.

Zhao has been encouraging other countries for offering equal opportunities to Huawei in launching 5G-technology. Zhao suggested that during the whole process, if any type of security breach is identified, then they would be penalized and accused. However, without any kind of evidence, it is not fair to put the company on the blacklist.

The telecom companies would have to decide wisely to incorporate secure hardware and technology in the devices.

Zhao said it is in the interest of telecom companies to ensure that they have been using secure hardware otherwise, they will have to face a threat from national authorities, or even their services can be barred owing to public criticism.

A meeting will be held by ITU to confirm the optimum 5G spectrum standards, and will not be affected by concerns about Huawei.

Huawei 5G-technology supporter UK is also appearing to change its decision, as all the four UK-established operators are preparing to launch their 5G plans in the current year. This has generated hope that the UK could become a global 5G leader.

Huawei 5G tech could be excluded from the UK market if the operators would predict any sort of fear related to the deterioration in innovation and an increase in costs by the incorporation of Huawei in the market.

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