UK Asks Tech Executive To Clean Up Their Platforms Or Get Ready For Penalty

Tech executives in UK might be asked to pay heavy fines or penalties for criminal offense after rules have been passed in UK for making the internet safer for children and other weak groups. The rules for penalty were published on April 8th 2019through a government sanctioned position paper. The regulation says that United Kingdom would make sure that all the internet companies and organizations working in the country will bear legal responsibilities for any content which has proved to be damaging for anyone in the country or the reputation of the country.

The government has also declared that an independent regulator would soon be operating to make sure that the execution of this new rule is being properly followed. The regulator would also keep a close check on deleting any content which provokes any sort of violent activity, supports self-killing or helps in cyber bullying. Any content on the internet that is linked either child abuse or terrorism would be having stricter rules set on them.

Government has mentioned in one of their statements regarding the new rule that companies would then be asked to give proper reasons and bear consequences accordingly if any questionable content is found on their online pages or websites. During times of election, online platforms would need to follow a code of conduct where spreading misleading statements would thereby be unauthorized.

Compared to United States, Europe has taken a much more careful attempt in regulating activities of tech firms. Stricter policies have been newly introduced in Britain after the suicide of a teenager in United Kingdom where social media was to be directly accused for the mishap. In fact, Facebook also failed miserably take any possible action to stop the broadcast of a live footage in New Zealand of mass killing. UK Prime Minister, Theresa May stepped and said that the companies have not taken charge for their activities for long and this would not be tolerated anymore within English territories.

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