Apple Chipmaker AMS To Serve Android Phones As Well, Shares Soar By 20%

The share prices of chipmaker for Apple, AMS, has increased by 20%. The share prices rose on the morning of this Tuesday. AMS is an Austrian team. The company has an upbeat outlook. In the 2nd quarter of the year, AMS witnessed a rise in demand in the 3D optical sensors. These sensors were used in the smartphones with Android operating systems.

Apple has a face recognition feature. The supplier of medicine his technology is AMS. Now the company is expecting to lessen its dependency on Apple for its business. The company made this decision after the iPhone demand went down. This compelled AMS to suspend the dividend pay in the month of February.

AMS is a company from Switzerland. They are now selling the 3D face recognition technology to Android smartphones. After this deal, there has been a considerable rise in the sale of Android smartphones which are equipped with 3D technology. The company is expecting more and more smartphones on Android to use the technology in 2019.

AMS found its revenue of 1st quarter at $390.2 million. This is a plunge from its revenue of the last quarter of 2018. The adjusted EBIT (Earnings before Interest & Tax) comes around $23.5 million.

AMS now expects that its revenue will reach to $390- 430 millions in the second quarter of the year. The company is also expecting its operating margin climbs from 6% of 1st quarter to 10% of the 2nd quarter. The Swiss company has just released its earnings report. It commented in it that, the smartphone market has stabilized; it is no longer prone to seasonal fluctuations.

The company also informed that they have created several new designs and thus they are hoping that their business in the market of Android smartphones will grow in the upcoming quarters.

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