SpaceX Postpones Its Dragon Cargo Launch By 24 Hours

Elon Musk’s, SpaceX has postponed the liftoff of its Dragon Cargo mission for NASA which was scheduled for this week. The company has postponed the launch by 24 hours, with launch now targeted for May 1. As per both SpaceX and NASA, the unmanned Dragon resupply ship will now liftoff to the ISS on May 1 at 3:59 a.m. EDT. The launch will take place from the Space Launch Complex 40 sited at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The company has already tested Falcon 9 rocket which will liftoff the mission on April 27.

According to the SpaceX’s representatives, the static fire test of Falcon 9 has been done and now they are aiming for May 1 liftoff from Pad 40, located in Florida and it is going to be the Dragon’s seventeenth mission to the International Space Station. The one-day liftoff slip trails a four-day postponement of the mission. The mission was initially slated for April 26. According to both NASA and SpaceX, the delay is because of the orbital and station mechanics constraints.  SpaceX spokesperson stated that the company would use those four additional days for the Falcon 9 static fire test and for the vehicle checks. Before every launch, SpaceX does a round of static fire tests and this has become a standard test for the company. The forthcoming Dragon cargo mission will be the company’s 17th carriage flight for NASA. The spacecraft will carry more than 2,495 kilograms of experiment hardware, fresh supplies and additional gear for the astronauts of Expedition 59 which are at present on the International Space Station. The company also has an agreement to send astronauts to the space station by using its new Crew Dragon spacecraft for NASA. The Crew Dragon has already completed its first uncrewed mission in March.

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